Meet Copper, Geoffrey & Roger



Ever since my husband and I got married, I have begged for a cute little puppy to complete our family. Well, for now anyway. But the same answer rings on and on in my head – no. I’ve got to say, having a puppy in the house would be a big responsibility, and with us both working full time it wouldn’t be fair on the little soul. So, I settled for 3 furry creatures instead, i.e rats as certain family members seem to like to call them. Not naming any names but I blame my father in law. But I can assure you they are not rats, but I’d like you to meet them…





This is Copper. He came from a family that could no longer care for him, as he impregnated a female version of him. So he was sent away to come and live with us – which he wasn’t quite happy about to start with – but I think he’s used to us. Well I hope he is by now! We haven’t had him for that long, probably coming up to 4 months and we love him.



I love that his name is called Copper, because the roots of his fur are copper – so the name fits well. He can be timid at times so whenever we go to feed him, he runs into his bat cave, but then comes running back out when he hears his food clanging against his bowl. So pretty much just like my husband.
















We have brought him in the house a few times to run around the living room, but it hasn’t ended too well. We either can’t catch him for a good 15 minutes or he pees everywhere when my husband picks him up. Not nice. But who can blame him, he’s stuck in his hutch. I say he’s stuck in his hutch, we let him out in his run outside quite regularly so he gets the exercise he needs. We’re not that cruel!


So, Copper was a good substitute for a puppy I have to say. He needs looking after obviously and there is some maintenance, but that’s what husbands are for right?















Next we have Geoffrey and Roger. These little munchkins are our cute little Degus. Not many people have heard of these creatures – so explaining what they are comes out as ‘they’re like hamsters but bigger’. They’re not really like hamsters but how else are we to describe them? Rats? I don’t think so. No rats are gonna be living under my roof!



Lets start with Geoffrey. He is the timid one out of the too. He comes up to you if you open their cage, but as soon as you put your hand anywhere near him he runs away. But he likes it when you pass him food through the cage, he’ll thank you for that. Although he is timid, he loves to run around and show off his skills, which makes him extra hyperactive. What is in those nuggets?





Geoffrey also doesn’t like being clean. They are supposed to have a sand bath once a week, but Geoffrey never goes in. Not sure why but he likes to smell of his own waste – nice. You’d think he would be embarrassed, even just a little. He likes so roll around and get sawdust up in his fur and he’s proud it it – I don’t get why. This little minx also loves to kick his poop out of his cage – what a slob. Oh well, that’s what my husband is there for! He’s the designation hoover-upper.



Then we have Roger. This little fellow is the quiet one. He likes to be held and loves it when I put my hand in the cage for him to explore. My husband reckons he’s pregnant – and of course he’s convinced that Roger is a female. I, on the other hand, am not convinced.





He loves to sleep anywhere other than his bed. Sometimes we see him curled up lying on his tummy just peacefully sleeping, and my husband tries to wake him up. What?! Would you like me to repeatedly say your name the next time I catch you taking a quick nap? I didn’t think so. Roger is the clean one, he loves his sand baths.



So there you go, there are our pets and we love them. A bit of a different post but I hope you enjoyed it. Check out my last post ’10 things I’ve learned in my marriage so far’.




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