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I thought it was time I told you about my business. Some of you probably didn’t know I had a business, so I’ll start from the beginning.


High School

I loved to draw and colour as a child. When I got to high school I decided I wanted to show my talents and do something with my art. So, I began to experiment different materials and different techniques in my art classes. Most of my spare time was spent in the art rooms. I loved to paint and I still do. I also loved to paint from still life, with the matter right in front of me. Painting helped me with my confidence; I could express myself without having to say a word. I would stretch myself to the limit and still love what I was doing. Nothing else mattered when I was painting, I could be myself and shut out the world for a while. There was the ability to paint to my heart’s content.










When I left school I decided I wanted to continue with art, so I took Fine Art as one of my subjects. In college I was able to explore even more ways to express myself through art and use different materials to show my talents again. After exploring all the different ways of creating art, I decided to stick with acrylic – that’s what I worked best with. Again I spent all my spare time in the art studio, and I couldn’t be happier. I just loved to spend my time doing what I loved to do, so when I finally left college, I wanted to start painting and selling my work – so I started Earlybiird Creations.



At first it was family that I painted for – I didn’t charge them because they are family of course and I just wanted to practice. Then I started selling my paintings at a few auctions at my church and people loved them and I was getting requests to paint for people. So here I am now, trying to start up a business. I love to paint and I want to share it with everyone – whilst making some money on the side of course. It’s something I am passionate about and I want to make it into something bigger someday, I just have to be patient.










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