My 5 Tips To Relax After A Bad Day


Bad days, we all experience them. Overall, I’d say I am a positive, happy person. Unfortunately though, I do have bad days, just like everyone else. For me, it’s mostly due to stress and my anxiety. These are my tips to deal with a bad day. Just a disclaimer, in no way are all these guaranteed to help you, but I am sure some of them will.




Run yourself a bubble bath and light some candles


A long soak in a bubble bath (especially with lush bath bombs) makes me feel amazing. Perfect for washing away the negativity from the day. Usually, I would place my laptop on the toilet seat, playing Pretty Little Liars. Yes I’m still watching it, 5th time around. I say usually as my husband has decided that it is dangerous and I could damage my laptop. So I have resorted to playing music through my phone instead. My playlist for my ‘down time’ is stress relief, sounds of waves, piano pieces, soft gentle music.





Relax at Bath Time



Relax with a Yankee Candle



Relax in a Lush Bath




Write a to-do list


Doing this definitely helps me keep my mind on track, as it tends to wander often without my permission. Avoid making any sort of list on your smartphone. Get out a real-life pad and a real-life pen and just go crazy. Putting pen to paper can be very therapeutic, especially for me. Write down every thought that it flying through your head and note everything down, even if it is just a little worry. Every ‘to-do’ counts. Highlights the tasks that are most important. I can assure you, everything will seem less complicated.





Relax reading The Secret Garden



Relax drinking Costa Hot Chocolate



Bake something and share it


I love to bake. My family will know how much I love to bake. Any opportunity I get, I will bake something – whether it’s for a birthday or just for dessert. Baking is very therapeutic for me. Even when I get frustrated because I hadn’t preheated the oven or I spilled half the mixture on the counter. My mind never stops when I bake, and that’s what I love about it. I don’t have time to think about all my worries – it gives me a chance to set them aside and just think about one thing that I enjoy. Finding something you love to do can help you deal with any kind of bad day you have had. If you don’t fancy baking, try something else that might spark your creativity.




Relax when Baking




Try yoga or meditating


Both of these things help you achieve a peaceful mindset, and yoga is great for your overall health. There’s no need to go to a yoga class, there are plenty of videos on YouTube you can watch and learn from. Choose a peaceful environment, wear comfy clothes, stretch out and get in a position that is comfortable for you to start meditating. Close your eyes and follow your breathing. Keep your mind focused on each breathe and I can assure this will calm you down like a baby on a Babocush. If this doesn’t help, you can find some ideas here.





Relax and Breathe




Get a good night’s sleep


This is easier said than done, I know. Really make an effort to not go and check how many Instagram followers you’ve just gained or see what Kim Kardashian has just announced on Twitter. Try to put your phone down an hour before you go to bed, and not look at it til the next day. The bright light from your smartphone sends the wrong message to your brain, telling it to stay awake. Take time for your body to relax, read a book, listen to some relaxing music, or just lie down and settle until you drift off to sleep. I am still working on this. Isn’t it just so tempting to check Facebook one last time before turning off the light? (Clears throat) I mean this is obviously something you should not do if you want a good night’s sleep.




“Take a deep breath. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”




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