5 Signs It’s Time To Book A Holiday



How do you know when it’s time to book a holiday? Just listen to your body…


♥ You’re stressed and snappy

Tired? Irritable? If your work/life balance is getting you down, you need to kick back and relax on a rejuvenating retreat. A recent survey of 1,000 adults revealed that a holiday is better for a mood-boost than exercise or shopping (shocking right?). It’s time for a spa getaway. De-stressing is a big part of a spa holiday. Full body massages releasing the tension from your muscles and holistic activities such as Yoga and Pilates helping to improve your strength, as well as your well being. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Ah, I can see myself now, on the French Polynesian islands living it large with my very own masseuse, preferably a hunky male – sorry Matthew.







♥ Your skin is suffering

I can not cry enough about my skin. It is in a dire state, but it’s not like I don’t care for it. We all know that drinking plenty of water hydrates and rejuvenates our skin, but regular facials has a host of benefits. Face massages are a heaven send, but there are also a multitude of other reasons to book a facial: they help to clear pores and maintain clear skin, they can help to smooth fine lines and boost collagen production, essential for preventing wrinkles, they increase blood circulation and help the renewal of skin cells, they provide deep exfoliation that allows moisturizers and products to work more effectively, boosting skin tone and hydration and, of course, they help to relieve stress and aid relaxation. And where better to have a facial than on a feel-good getaway?




♥ Lack of Enthusiasm

Be honest – how many times are you sighing per day? For me, countless times. If it’s inching up, and now you moan and groan when anyone suggests doing anything other than sitting in a chair staring at a wall, it’s time to get yourself on On the Beach. Enthusiasm is impossible. ‘Seems pointless’ is your favorite expression.





♥ You get sick too often and you feel sad in general, all the time.

When you question the meaning of life, why you’re working so hard to make ends meet when you usually love your job, it’s time you take time for yourself. When the only time you feel happy is when you’re on a holiday site, it really is time to check into a resort devoid of Wi-Fi whatsoever so you can really escape.




♥ You’ve lost interest in the things you love

If it’s got to the point where you no longer find joy in your hobbies – drastic times call for drastic measure. This long awaited vacation is a must when it gets to this stage. I know I need time out when I slack of painting, or I neglect my blog {yes I know, this has already happened – I’m working on it}.





“Book the ticket, buy the bikini, never look back”



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