Hello and thanks for stopping by. I wanted to share my passions and the things I love with the world so here I am, trying to do so. You can call me a ‘beginner’ as I only really started blogging back in November 2016, so I’m still getting the hang of things. I love to write about my hobbies, interests and I share my opinions on things that are important to me. I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to leave a comment. There’s also an opportunity to subscribe so you never miss out on a new blog post.





Why I Started Blogging


 A new hobby

A project to work on

A chance to express myself

The thought came across about earning money in the future

To co-inside with my art business – which I must admit I haven’t out much effort in. I need to work on that



I did a lot of research before I created my blog, just to see if I was really capable of doing it with a full time job. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, but I think I’m getting somewhere. I have a few followers on my blog, now 450+ followers on Instagram – I had around 100-200 this time last year. I hit 65 likes on Mother’s day post and I’m absolutely buzzing! I know it’s not much but it’s an achievement for me.


I mainly blog to share my interests with others and to express myself. I love to read people’s thoughts on different things I write about and it just gives me something to do when i get home from work – apart from the housework of course – yes Boggles I am using my washing up gloves. That’s what I named my Grandma as a toddler.


I am going to try and expand my business and continue to paint – more. I have failed at this and I am to pick things up where I left them. Please go and check out my Facebook page. If you just click on the tab above this post ‘Earlybiird Creations’ you will be redirected – or you can just click here – (don’t worry it will open up in a new tab). If you would like to request a painting please leave me a message and I can get back to you as soon as I can. All my work is on my page so you can see the things I paint images of.


I don’t know a lot about the earning money side of things, but i do know it doesn’t come in an instant. Nothing is free in life, so hard work and patience are what it takes – not sure if I have those but we’ll have to wait and see…



Don’t stop when you are TIRED, stop when you are DONE

My Dear Valentine





The Blogger Recognition Award


I am so chuffed that Kait from Life as Kait nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. It was such a nice surprise to receive a contact form from a reader and realise it was a nomination! Thank you so much Kait for this amazing opportunity.



How I Started My Blog

I did a blog post about why I started blogging, click the sub-heading to go check it out. Long story short, I wanted a hobby, something to keep me busy. I wanted to share my interests with others and be able to express myself. I know when I am struggling I like to read blogs and see what interests me and who I can relate to.



Some Advice for Any Bloggers Out There

I am not the number one person to go to for advice, but if I was to give anyone wanting to start a blog advice, it is to never give up. Even when you have those days, with next to no page views, just keep going. Try to join blogger communities on social media to get your blog more noticed. Allow your blog time to develop and become known on the web. I assure you with a lot of hard work and patience, your blog will get somewhere.





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“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

Abraham Lincoln